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Fascia Stimulating Tool (Watch the video)

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Pause Well-Aging | Fascia Stimulating Tool


How to Use the Fascia Stimulating Tool

A not-so-secret weapon in our menopause toolkit, the Fascia Stimulating Tool is designed for use on the face, neck and chest. Its unique shape follows the contours of these delicate areas for complete coverage.

Step 1: Apply a small amount of Pause Collagen Boosting Moisturizer to skin to ensure a smooth glide and to boost your Tool results with its powerful hydration, or use the moisturizer or serum of your choice. 

Step 2: With light pressure, use a combination of long, slow strokes and fast, short, multi-directional strokes.

Step 3: Repeat this pattern for each region of the face, neck and chest. The entire regimen should take no more than five minutes once a day.

Step 4: Clean your Fascia Stimulating Tool after each use and store in its protective pouch. Use once a day on each area of the face, neck and chest.

About the Fascia Stimulating Tool

Hormonal changes throughout life may cause skin sagging, dullness, loss of texture and dryness, often more severe during the three stages of menopause. The Pause Fascia Stimulating Tool, an FDA-cleared Class 1 medical device, is engineered to stimulate fibroblasts—collagen-producing cells within the fascia connective tissue.

Research suggests that external skin stimulation can reach beyond the surface to the subdermal level. Gentle stroking with The Tool may improve blood flow, support cell turnover, remove waste, boost collagen production, and optimize overall skin nutrition—which can help minimize sagging and enhance volume and elasticity.

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