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Designed to improve elasticity, minimize sagging, and enhance skin health.




This stage averages 7-10 years before menopause. Due to estrogen fluctuations, symptoms are at their most intense during this phase.


When it has been 12 full months since your last period, the very next day is called menopause. Celebrate! It only lasts one day.


Every day after reaching menopause is considered postmenopause. It is the final phase, and lasts the rest of your life.

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When a hot flash or night sweat starts, a couple of sprays of the cooling mist on the recommended spots seems to cut it short. I haven’t even needed to do my face — just wrists, neck and sometimes my chest. Having a purse-sized bottle would be great!!

Wendy K. Hot Flash Cooling Mist View Product

I have been using the moisturizer morning and night for the past few weeks and my skin looks better than it ever has! No more dry spots! This stuff is magic in a bottle!

Kelly K. Collagen Boosting Moisturizer View Product

I was very surprised that after the first time using it my skin felt so soft and toned. Removes makeup very well and leaves a refreshing feel to my skin. After about a week notices that my skin felt much more hydrated and toned.

Denise C. 4-in-1 Micellar Cleansing Treatment View Product



Menopause shouldn’t be taboo, or something you go through alone. For resources and real-life stories, join our community and plug into our blog: It’s a place where age isn’t something to run from, but something to aspire to.

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