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Hydrating Cleanser

  • Gently cleanses, nourishes, and softens skin without over-drying
  • Helps spark the body’s production of collagen for improved skin density and firmness
  • Leaves skin hydrated and brighter looking
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open cap of the hydrating cleanser bottle and a smear of the cleanser cream
open cap of the hydrating cleanser bottle and a smear of the cleanser cream

Why Should I Use It?

As we age, sebum and collagen production and skin cell turnover slow down, resulting in excessive dryness, sagging skin and midlife blemishes. That’s why using a thorough but gentle cleanser is increasingly important during this life stage. 

Powered by the Pause Complex, this light, creamy formula cleanses impurities, makeup, and excess oil without stripping skin of its natural moisture, and helps spark the body’s collagen production, for skin that looks and feels brighter, smoother, firmer and more balanced.

O, The Oprah Magazine Beauty Awards: Best Gentle Cleanser 2020

close up photo of a white woman holding her hair and showing her smooth and clean skin
close up photo of a white woman holding her hair and showing her smooth and clean skin

How to Use

Apply a quarter-sized amount to hands and gently massage over face avoiding the eye area. Rinse thoroughly. May be used day and night. For external use only.

Key Ingredients

The Pause Well Complex

Pause Complex

Proprietary blend sparks the body’s collagen production.

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Photo of Comfrey Root and Purple Flowers

Comfrey Root Extract

Hydrates, soothes and supports new skin cell growth

Pink and white Lotus flower with vibrant yellow center

Lotus Flower Extracts

Helps balance oil production and improve elasticity.

Small mound of Glycogen powder


Helps improve skin tone, radiance and hydration.


It all comes down to preference as our gentle cleanser was formulated to cleanse without stripping skin of natural oils. Unlike rinsing with just water, experts agree most people usually only need to wash their face with a cleanser once a day. However, sometimes if you have very oily or very dry skin, or suffer from night sweats, you may want to use a cleanser in the morning to clear your skin of pore-clogging oils, sweat and dead skin cells followed by a moisturizer and SPF. We recommend always cleansing your face before bed, to remove pollutants and impurities that might have accumulated on the skin during the day and/or make-up, and prepare the skin to be most receptive to your night serum or moisturizer.

Both offer gentle cleansing options and both draw out excess oils, dirt and other impurities while sparking the body’s collagen production and toning and hydrating the skin. Because of its gentleness, micellar water is especially good for those with extremely sensitive skin and can be used on skin with rosacea, eczema or psoriasis (caveat: if you do have these skin conditions, it’s still best to check with your doctor or dermatologist before using any products). The creamy Hydrating Cleanser is massaged onto the face and then rinsed off. The lightweight Micellar water requires a cotton pad but does not need to be rinsed off. Simply saturate a cotton pad, and press the pad lightly onto the area you wish to cleanse to activate the micelles. Gently wipe to remove makeup and impurities, repeating as needed until the cotton pad appears clean.

Our Hydrating Cleanser was designed to remove makeup along with impurities and excess oils. However, if you're wearing heavier makeup or sunscreen, we recommend using micellar water as a makeup remover, then following up with our Hydrating Cleanser.

Our Pause products were specifically designed to work across most skin types, skin tones and ethnicities.

Because of the importance of collagen for skin elasticity, tone and texture as we age, all Pause products contain our proprietary Pause Complex, designed to help spark the body’s production of collagen and improve skin density and hydration. The Hydrating Cleanser also includes Comfrey and Lotus Flower extracts, glycerin, Niacinamide and Glycogen to help moisturize and protect the skin while cleansing.

Because our eyes, eyelids and skin around our eyes are more delicate than the rest of our face, we recommend avoiding the eye area while using this product.

Yes! All Pause products are vegan, Non-GMO, gluten-free, hormone-free, cruelty-free Leaping Bunny certified and made in the USA with Well-Aging® ingredients sourced from around the globe.