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Understanding the Fascia Stimulating Tool

5 Minutes a Day for Renewed Skin

Step 1 Apply a small amount of Pause Collagen Boosting Moisturizer to skin to ensure a smooth glide and to boost your Tool results with its powerful hydration, or use the moisturizer or serum of your choice.

Step 2 With light pressure, use a combination of long, slow strokes and fast, short, multi-directional strokes.

Step 3 Repeat this pattern for each region of the face, neck and chest. The entire regimen should take no more than five minutes once a day.

Step 4 Clean your Fascia Stimulating Tool after each use and store in its protective pouch. Use once a day on each area of the face, neck and chest.


The Pause Fascia Stimulating Tool has a unique beveled edge that promotes maximum results with little pressure. The design allows for good depth & more shear (the movement of layers of fascia across each other) using minimal compression with gentle, comfortable up-and-down as well as side-to-side strokes.

On a scale of 0-10 (0 = no pressure, 10 = heavy pressure), aim for pressure in the 1-2 range.

At no time should you feel pain or discomfort during or following use. If you do, you are applying too much pressure.

You should use the Pause Fascia Stimulating Tool once a day on each of the specified regions (Forehead, Cheeks, Neck & Chest).

Each area should receive 60 seconds of treatment with The Tool, the first 30 seconds consisting of long, slow strokes and the final 30 seconds made up of short, fast strokes up and down, then turning the tool 90 degrees to move side to side. You will feel like you are making “+” signs across the regions of the face and neck.

The entire daily treatment using the Pause Fascia Stimulating Tool should take less than 5 minutes to complete all specified regions.

Gua Sha is actually not a tool at all, but a technique originating in Chinese medicine. Gua Sha, when translated to English, means “scrape red.” Performing Gua Sha involves the use of an instrument (traditionally it was a soup spoon, but today many companies market a Jade “Gua Sha” tool) with the intention of scraping the skin to produce Petechiae (subdermal bleeding) for the purpose of healing this damaged tissue.

There is a very real-time purpose for Gua Sha. It has been shown to have positive effects on healing, particularly neck pain, back pain, and chronic inflammation.

At Pause, we do not employ the technique of Gua Sha, nor do we recommend it for the face. Our method is what we call the Pause Method. This involves the use of our patented Fascia Stimulating Tool with the application of very gentle, up-and-down strokes as well as fast, gentle up and down then side to side strokes. The beveled edge on our tool was specifically designed for gentle use to create “shear” – the movement of layers of fascia across each other. This improves blood flow, stimulates fibroblasts, and improves overall tissue health and quality.

The tool was designed by a doctor of Physical Therapy who uses similar tools in her practice to improve tissue health and quality. We are borrowing the science that physical therapists employ with their patients for overall tissue health and quality improvement as well as improved blood flow (vascularity.)

Unlike other tools, The Pause Fascia Stimulating Tool is a patented FDA-cleared class 1 medical device.

Our Tool is specifically engineered to stimulate fibroblasts, the collagen-producing cells within the fascia connective tissue.

The crafted beveled edge distinguishes The Tool from competitors. This unique design, along with daily use, has been clinically proven to significantly (or measurably) improve skin density over an 8-week period of time.

Using the tool for more than 5 minutes, or using more pressure, will not improve your results and may even be counterproductive.