"A spray to the face and chest is like a peck on cheek from Elsa"

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Can Menopause Ever Be Sexy? Enterprising beauty companies are targeting menopause

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Beauty Brands Learn to Love Menopause - just don't call it anti-aging.

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Celebrity makeup artist Kindra Mann prepared Renée Zellweger's skin using Pause Well-Aging skin care.

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Haute Flash, a new luxury skincare line... for women going through menopause

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Hot Girl Summer - this soothing spritiz will keep you refreshed and redness free...

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A new luxury skincare line crafted specifically for women going through menopuase.

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Destigmatizing Menopause: Pause Well-Aging Beauty for Whats Next

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Skin Care Brand Targets Physiological Changes that Comes from Menopause

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New skincare brand PAUSE puts "anti-aging" on hold and "well-aging" at full throttle.

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It's all about staying cool and fresh in the Summer heat - top 6 beauty items to cool you...

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How the beauty industry is finally embracing the menopause

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Designed to help you weather menopause - but there's no reason anyone can't use it!

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Beauty veteran targets skin changes during menopause with a new, clean skin care line

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'Pro-age' is the new beauty buzzword... meet the disruptors leading the charge.

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Pause Well-Aging aims to create products that celebrate the ever-evolving beauty of women

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Clean Menopausal Skincare: 'Pause Well-Aging' line targets the three stages of menopause

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Pause, a first-of-its-kind, science-based line focused on supporting skin during menopause

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A Pause for Menopause Skin Problems: Straight Talk With Pause Founder

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