Fascia Stimulating Tool - Pause Well-Aging
Pause Well-Aging | Clinical Stats
Pause Well-Aging | Clinical Results
Pause Well-Aging | Clinical Results
Fascia Stimulating Tool with two deluxe size Collagen Boosting Moisturizer- Pause Well-Aging
Fascia Stimulating Tool - Pause Well-Aging
Fascia Stimulating Tool
Fascia Stimulating Tool

Fascia Stimulating Tool

designed to improve elasticity, minimize sagging, and enhance skin health. clinically proven.

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Receive two (2) deluxe sample sized Collagen Boosting Moisturizers with the Fascia Stimulating Tool. No code necessary.

Hormonal changes throughout life may cause skin sagging, dullness, loss of texture and dryness, often more severe during the three stages of menopause. The Pause Fascia Stimulating Tool, a patented FDA-cleared Class 1 medical device, is engineered to help the body stimulate fibroblasts—collagen-producing cells within the fascia connective tissue. Research suggests that external skin stimulation can reach beyond the surface to the subdermal level. Gentle stroking with The Tool may improve blood flow, support cell turnover, remove waste, help the body spark collagen production, and optimize overall skin nutrition—which can help minimize sagging and enhance volume and elasticity.

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of the Fascia Stimulating Tool & Collagen Boosting Moisturizer, together, after 8 weeks:

  • 100% said their skin looks healthier
  • 100% said their skin looks more revitalized
  • 100% said their skin feels more hydrated
  • 100% said their skin looks more radiant
  • 97% said this product improves the way I feel about my skin
  • 94% said the overall quality of my skin has improved
  • 93% said their skin felt firmer, softer and smoother
  • 90% said they saw decreased appearance of lines and wrinkles

The Tool is designed for use on the face, neck and chest—shaped to follow the contours of your face, neck and chest for complete coverage.

Apply a small amount of Pause Collagen Boosting Moisturizer to skin first to ensure a smooth glide and boost your Tool results with its powerful hydration, or use the moisturizer or serum of your choice. Follow the detailed Instructions For Use provided with The Tool to learn how to properly massage each treatment region.

Clean The Tool after each use and store in its protection vegan pouch. Use The Tool once a day on each area of the face, neck and chest.

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Medical Grade Stainless Steel

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