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Truth Tellers: NextTribe Spotlights Pause Well-Aging's Issue With Labeling Menopause A "Medical Condition"

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Pause Well-Aging | Labeling Menopause a Medical Condition

By Dana Wood | December 10, 2019
We always knew there was strength in numbers. And in early December, when NextTribe published an article titled "Who's Afraid of the Word Menopause?" by lead writer Jeannie Ralston, we knew we'd just scored a pack of powerful new allies in our mission to eradicate the stereotypical thinking around this completely natural - and often wildly empowering - phase of a woman's life.
Over a recent breakfast with Pause founder and CEO Rochelle Weitzner, Ralston learned all about Rochelle's back-and-forth with QVC earlier this year over the network's insistence on labeling menopause a "medical condition."
Despite the fact that a massive chunk of the home shopping giant's audience is A) female and B) clocks in at an average age of 50, QVC informed Rochelle that the use of the word "menopause" on air was strictly verboten. 
And if you can't utter the word "menopause," you certainly can't showcase science-backed formulas created specifically to address the very real changes that happen with women's skin as they approach this milestone.
Even after Rochelle dispatched her legal team to press the matter on her behalf, QVC wouldn't budge from its "menopause is a medical condition" position.
Here's what NextTribe had to say about Rochelle's bewildering, frustrating encounter with QVC:

"As you can imagine, NextTribe is in full agreement with Weitzner that taboos and misinformation must be shattered. And the Word-That-Must-Not-Be-Uttered should be shouted with a stamped foot or a raised fist - whichever is more your style. Menopause! Menopause! Menopause, dammit!"

Who's afraid of menopause? Not us. Not NextTribe. And not you, our whipsmart Pause Well-Aging community. Read NextTribe's full article here


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