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The Importance Of Cleansing (& Why "Micelles" Are So Skin-Smart)

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Pause Well Aging Hero Image of Woman Cleaning her face

By Dana Wood | December 9, 2019

In addition to some of the other "gifts" menopause bestows on us (we're looking at you, hot flashes), our skin can really takes us for a rollercoaster ride. 

As we approach perimenopause, and our hormones begin to fluctuate, patches of oiliness - and even breakouts - can surface. You've never been further away from your teenage years and your skin's starting to behave like you were back in 10th grade.

Later, as we inch our way toward menopause and post-menopause, the script flips and Sahara Desert-style dryness can set in.

But no matter where you are on the oily / bone-dry spectrum, cleansing really well at least once a day is a must if you want to ramp-up the efficacy of all your other skincare products.

You just need a different kind of cleanser now, preferably one that's specific to your skin needs, designed to meet the challenges of oily / dry, hormones-in-flux, combo-pack skin. 

Enter Two Breakthrough Pause Well-Aging Cleansers...

Before we get into the nitty gritty of our new grime-fighters, it's important to know that both are powered by our proprietary Pause Complex. 

We've blogged all about it before, but here's a quick recap about why the Pause Complex is so integral to our products, and how it helps you achieve personal-best skin at this sometimes trying stage of life.

In short, the Pause Complex is a blend of ingredients that address the chief skin issues tied to menopause-triggered loss of estrogen. These include diminished collagen and skin elasticity, as well as sagging and literally thinner skin. (Feel that crepe-y, tissue-thin stuff? It's caused by plummeting estrogen levels.) 

Backed by clinical data and rigorous testing, we landed on ingredients that work synergistically. Niacinamide and vitamin C, for example, are more effective when combined. 

Now that you know the Pause Complex has your back in terms of stimulating collagen production and boosting radiance, skin elasticity and tone, let's explore those new cleansers, shall we? 

Hydrating Cleanser 

While your skin might be * acting * like it did during puberty, trust that it's vastly different now, and won't respond well to a harsh, stripping cleanser like the gels and scrubs you used back in the day. During all three phases of menopause (peri, meno and post), a cream-based formula is ideal.

At the same time, you want to avoid anything too rich and occlusive.

"This is a little lighter than a traditional cream cleanser," says Pause founder and CEO Rochelle Weitzner. "Our Hydrating Cleanser leaves your skin feeling clean, but also soft and supple. It's about both cleansing and hydrating. Yes, you might be experiencing minor breakouts and clogged pores right now, but your skin needs a more gentle solution than the acne products of your youth."

How To Use It: Apply a quarter-sized amount and gently massage over face, avoiding eye area. Rinse thoroughly. May be used day and night. 

4-In-1 Micellar Cleansing Treatment 

Though we're anti hopping on trend bandwagons at Pause (unless they'll genuinely benefit you, of course), we can't say enough good stuff about micelles, the darling du jour of the cleanser world. 

"Micelles act like a magnet and actually lift up oil, debris and makeup on the skin, but they leave the water behind," Weitzner explains. "This is because one end of the micelle molecule is water-loving, and the other end is oil-loving."

When applied to a cotton pad, the water-loving side of the micelle molecule attaches to the cotton, leaving the oil-loving side to remove everything on the skin we don't want (i.e., oil, debris and makeup) and leaving what we do want (i.e., water and hydration).

In contrast, bi-phase makeup removers that you need to shake up to activate are oil-based. And while they do a great job of breaking down foundation and blush, they aren't actually lifting it off. In other words, you'll still need a cleanser. 

Our game-changing 4-In-1 Micellar Cleansing Treatment does those jobs and more:

  • It cleanses.
  • It removes makeup.
  • It tones.
  • It acts as a treatment by allowing the Pause Complex to sink into skin. 

"If you've never used a micellar product before, I think you'll find it almost life-changing," shares Weitzner. "It can be used so many different ways - as your only cleanser, as the first step in a double-cleansing regimen, as a makeup remover or a toner. And by infusing ours with our Pause Complex, you're getting the added benefit of a treatment, too. It's pretty addictive." 

How To Use It: Saturate a cotton pad and wipe gently over closed eyes, face and lips. Repeat using a new cotton pad until the pad looks clean. Do not rinse. May be used day and night. 


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