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CEW Recognizes Pause Well-Aging

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CEW Recognizes Pause Well-Aging

By Pause Well-Aging | May 26, 2022


In June 2019 I launched Pause Well-Aging. My intention was several fold: demystify menopause by providing education and resources about this life stage that were sorely lacking, provide products and tools to help us navigate this lifestage and empower women to remain badass despite the stigma that society placed on the menopausal woman.

As the first menopause beauty brand to step into the world, I never expected to face headwinds that I did. Sure, I fully expected that finding an investor who thought that menopause could be a sexy investment would be a challenge, but with that behind me, then it was all about building the brand. With formulations heavily steeped in science and delivering results along with a patented FDA registered class 1 medical device that pairs with our topical products to spark the body's own production of collagen with incredible clinical results, this seemed like a formula for instant success. So, what happened?

It turned out that the media wasn’t ready for us. Nor were many of the largest corporations whose legal departments insisted that menopause is a medical condition that cannot be spoken about on tv nor marketed to the consumer via search. In the case of the media, not a single beauty editor at the time would agree to write about menopause and certainly never menopause and beauty together – how could these things go together?

Derailed at nearly every turn, we were battling constantly with Facebook, Google, Amazon and mainstream publications just to try to build some awareness around this brand that was born to help educate, help address the pain points of menopause and to provide a community to share our experiences together.

Now, almost exactly 3 years later, we won numerous beauty awards for our products, we’ve been written about extensively by mainstream media and, just last week, I was awarded Female Founder of the year by CEW, one of the most influential organizations in the beauty industry!

This award is presented to the titans of industry and those at the top of their game. As a 53 year old entrepreneur, it's an incredible honor to be included amongst this group. 

This award is a validation of the new category that we created in beauty – Menopause Beauty. It is a validation that Menopause and Beauty can go together. It is a validation that beauty gets better with age. It is a validation that women 40+ cannot and should not be ignored. This award is also a validation that it’s never too late to dream and turn those dreams into reality – I was 50 when I became an entrepreneur and launched PAUSE Well-Aging.

The taboo of menopause must be broken – and we are working very hard to do just that. Menopause is a life stage – a rite of passage. It is NOT a medical condition, and we must remove all the ignorance and roadblocks that still exist surrounding this life stage. 

We’re also working very hard to remove anti-aging from the beauty vernacular – we’re about well-aging: your beauty on your terms. We know we still have a ton of work to do, but we are making progress.

If you don’t already know us, please check us out at pausewellaging.com or on social media @pausewellaging. For some real entertainment, find me on tiktok where I’m just getting started, but am gaining traction fast: @rochelleweitzner


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