Suffering From "Maskne"? Tap These Tips From Pause Well-Aging Founder Rochelle Weitzner, & You'll Quickly Be In The Clear

By Rochelle Weitzner | July 21, 2020
As if it weren't enough of a lifestyle change to don a mask every time we step out our front doors, many of us are now reeling from the chafing, irritation and even acne caused by these Covid-necessary face coverings. Yes, along with waaaaaay too much takeout, "maskne" has become part of our New Normal.
From the get-go, Pause Well-Aging Founder & CEO Rochelle Weitzner pegged our new Detox Serum as a way to stop maskne in its tracks. This turbo-charged yet lightweight formula (more about its stellar lineup of ingredients and benefits below), which is as clear as water, was created to address the unique challenges of menopause-fueled hormonal acne. But Detox Serum's ability to control excess oil and balance the skin without over-stripping is also a huge help in alleviating what Weitzner calls the "perfect storm" of maskne: the friction, humidity and perspiration that, together, cause irritation and breakouts. Clearly, when it's trapped under a mask for hours on end, our skin pays the price.
In a recent interview with the ABC-affiliated entertainment show "Your California Life," Weitzner shared her thoughts on the causes and cures for maskne. Since we'll all be wearing masks for at least several more months, we've bundled her insights into a handy checklist of Dos & Don'ts, followed by a specific Pause Well-Aging skin regimen that lets you and your trusty mask co-exist happily.


Maskne Dos & Don'ts

1. Do avoid wearing makeup under your mask. "Definitely go ahead and play up your eyes, but try to avoid your chin and cheeks," Weitzner recommends. Friction and foundation don't play well together.
2. Don't re-use disposable masks. While you might be tempted to grab the same lightweight mask day after day (come on, you know you've got that powder blue surgical number in heavy rotation), break out a new one. "You really don't want to put on yesterday's mask with all that and oil on it," Weitzner notes. As for reusable cloth masks - unless you wash them, they shouldn't be used two days in a row either. When it comes to masks, you really can't overdo it on the hygiene front. 
3. Do double-down on face cleansing. "Use a gentle cleanser at least twice a day," suggests Weitzner. "Your goal is to keep your pores as clean as possible."
4. Don't resort to harsh tactics if maskne crops up. Although she sympathizes with the desire to "blast" mask-related blemishes with all manner of salicylic acids, chemical peels and retinol, that actually isn't the best approach for dealing with maskne. "All of that will further damage already-fragile skin" and ramp-up irritation, Weitzner notes. "You might end up getting rid of your blemishes quicker, but you might also end up with patches of eczema, dry skin, stinging and burning. Gentle is the key here." Another big skin no no: popping pimples. "Avoid touching your face" at all costs, Weitzner warns. 
5. Do establish - and stick to - a maskne prevention skincare regimen. In addition to a gentle cleanser and a product that's anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, Weitzner also recommends a soothing, lightweight moisturizer. "Sticking to routine is key," she says. "Cleanse, detox, moisturize."
Need to stock up? Pause Well-Aging has everything you need for preventing and treating maskne:

The Ultimate "No More Maskne" Skincare Regimen

Step 1: Gentle Cleanser
Our Hydrating Cleanser literally couldn't be more perfect for the twice-a-day cleansing Weitzner recommends to prevent and alleviate maskne. It thoroughly cleanses, nourishes and softens, but thanks to our proprietary Pause Complex, it also helps support collagen production and diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Win-win, sister. 
Step 2: Anti-Bacterial / Anti-Inflammatory
A hero product on the hormonal acne front, Detox Serum is also * the * maskne prevention and treatment champ. That's because it's powered by a handful of seriously detoxing ingredients: Willow Bark Extract, which contains anti-inflammatory salicin, a substance that can convert to blemish-fighting salicylic acid. Two enzymes - Bromelain and Papain - also play a key role. Bromelain, from the stem and juice of the pineapple, digests proteins on the surface of the skin, generating brightness. Papain, derived from papaya, dissolves the bonds between cells, again sweeping away dead skin and boosting clarity.
Step 3: Soothing Moisturizer
Yes it's a powerhouse at addressing the core signs of menopausal aging (i.e., fine lines, wrinkles and sagging tied to a natural plummet in estrogen), but our Collagen Boosting Moisturizer is also the perfect choice as the final step in your maskne-avoidance strategy. Although it's chockfull of nourishing fatty acids like avocado oil, it's still so lightweight it sinks right in. You - and your mask - will never know it's there. 

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