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So… What Is the Pause Complex, Anyway?

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Pause Well Aging Hero Image of the Pause Complex

By Pause Well-Aging | June 21, 2019

There are plenty of products out there labeled “anti-aging”, but hardly any of them are formulated with the side effects of menopause in mind. They can speak to fine lines, sun damage and dullness, sure, but our Well-Aging products take into consideration what the beauty industry has ignored for way too long: Estrogen loss, and the key skin changes that come with it. Fine lines can start creeping in during your still-fertile, estrogen-making 30s, but come menopause,loss of collagen, decreased skin elasticity, sagging and thinner skin are all the more pronounced.

So, our answer is the Pause Complex, active ingredients tested to target those skin changes. It’s something you may have noticed included in all of our products – even our Cooling Mist – and it’s part of why we’re not another anti-aging line. (Well, that and the fact we’ve decided to scrub that word from our collective company vocab, hurrah!) Here, Theresa Ma, the President of Pause who developed The Complex with Founder Rochelle Weitzner, gives us a little backstory on what’s in it and why it works so damn well.

What was the process of developing the Pause Complex?

Each individual ingredient in the Pause Complex was chosen based on strong clinical data and testing – we wanted the Complex to work! We were really more focused on high efficacy as opposed to “trend” driven ingredients. So what we created was a multifunctional complex that supported quick results and was synergistically more efficacious as a whole.

What makes this combination of ingredients more effective than other products made for mature skin? Or products that fall into the general anti-aging category?

There was a focus on choosing individual ingredients based on their ability to increase collagen production, radiance, improve skin elasticity and tone. These are all common signs of skin affected by estrogen loss. But more importantly, each ingredient boosts the other’s “power”. For example, niacinamide and vitamin C, both in our Complex, are known to be more effective when combined together. There are also ingredients that work at all levels within the skin: Surface, mid and deep cellular, so we can attempt to access and aid the different renewal process that occurs at each level for healthier skin.

How did you decide what products to create that would deliver the Pause Complex?

We chose our product types based on need, addressing specific skin concerns of women transitioning through the different stages of menopause. We took into account what wasn’t currently available in the beauty and skincare space. We launched with the Collagen Boosting Moisturizer and Cooling Mist, to tackle the most immediate symptoms of menopause, but more task-specific products are going to be available soon.


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