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Shopping Your Closet: An Expert's Tips On Working With What You Already Own

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Pause Well-Aging | Shopping Your Closet

By Lisa Marsh | September 15, 2020
Depending on where you are in the country, pandemic-mandated restrictions might be lifting and you're actually getting out of the house a bit more often. At the very least, now that we're all out of vacation-mode, you're bound to have more Zoom calls filling up your calendar.
Despite the fact that it's fall - a prime shopping time for many women - you might not feel up to buying new clothes right now. Whether your budget's slightly stressed or your clothes are a little tight, we tapped Mallory Huberman, founder of The Closet Curator, for her tips on both fronts.

The Closet Curator's Best Ideas For Fall & Shopping Your Closet

1. Keep the free-and-easy summer feeling going.
We've all been under so much stress. Keep a relaxed summer vibe going for a bit longer by extending the lifespan of your flowy dresses and pull-on skirts. "Don't put all your summer dresses in storage just yet," Huberman advises. "Top them with a cardigan or a blazer from your closet. You'll still feel easy-breezy, but with a more polished look."
2. Be realistic about what fits and play to your strengths.
You've put on a few more pounds? Make it work for you. "If you carry your weight in your bottom, wear a V-neck top and load on the accessories," suggests Huberman. "And if you've got great legs, by all means wear a blazer with leggings. Or an oversized top with skinny pants."
3. Make your tailor your best friend.
Now that you can finally go back to your tailor, take advantage of it and instantly upgrade you wardrobe with custom tweaks here and there. "If something's tight, have the waistband adjusted or the seams let out to fix the legs," she instructs. And if that's not possible, buy a great pair of simple khakis in a size up. "Who cares what the label says? Have the waist nipped-in and other minor alterations so they look great today."
4. Work those accessories.
No matter what you have in your closet, "Accessories lift what you're wearing and make it feel special." Necklaces, rings, wearing a scarf on your head all take any outfit to the next level. "Use accessories to make it funky and fun."
5. Purchase sparingly and strategically.
Huberman believes every woman should own the following easy pieces as the centerpiece of her dressing strategy:
  • Boots
  • Great-fitting trousers
  • Blazer
  • White shirt
  • Khaki or black pants, depending on your preference
Finally, "Get a poncho for fall," Huberman urges. Toss it over any outfit as you're headed out the door, and you're stylishly good to go.
Lisa Marsh is a competitive fencer, a mom to teens, a reader of many books and the author of four of her own. In her 30-year career, she has written for everyone (it seems).