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I Tried the Fascia Stimulating Tool For 2 Weeks... Here's What Happened

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Pause Well Aging Hero Image Fascia Stimulating Tool

By Felicia Walker | July 25, 2019 

It's undeniable facial tools are having a huge moment right now – a simple Google search will reveal an alphabet soup of devices. From A to Z, there’s something for nearly every skincare goal. Want brighter skin? Try rose quartz. Does your complexion lack clarity? Go for jade. Is skin feeling inflamed or irritated? Amethyst will do the trick.

As a life-long beauty enthusiast and the Editor-in-Chief of This That Beauty, I’ve tried a lot of products. So when I came across The Pause Fascia Stimulating Tool, I thought it’d just be another day, another facial tool... But this one really was different. 

The Fascia Stimulating Tool caught my attention because it’s unlike any facial tool I’ve ever tried. The look (hello, shiny new object!), design, and function were unlike anything I’d seen before…I was like a moth to a flame and couldn’t resist giving it a whirl for a couple of weeks. Here’s what happened. 

The Fascia Stimulating Tool 

Point of Difference

Beyond the look and feel of the device, I immediately noticed distinct differences between the Pause Fascia Stimulating Tool and other facial tools I’ve tried over the years. Unlike other facial tools that require really firm, upward-only pressure to sculpt cheekbones and work the face, the Pause Fascia Stimulating Tool takes a gentle yet effective approach. Engineered to help stimulate collagen production (which we all know decreases considerably with hormonal changes and age), the FDA-cleared Class 1 medical device relies on gentle back and forth stroking, not taut, rigorous sculpting. It’s a technique borrowed from physical therapists to help elite athletes recover from injury, and frankly, I wasn’t used to such pleasantly gentle face work with a tool.

About to give the Tool my first try!


Vibrant Skin

After my first session, I noticed immediate changes in my skin. There was an immediate flush of health - after just a few minutes, my skin appeared more vibrant and awake. I experienced improved blood flow which made my skin glow. And this was all with just gentle strokes backward and forward over my entire face. I like that the session felt sort of freestyle and didn’t require a particularly focused path to achieve the desired result. When paired with the Pause Collagen Boosting Moisturizer, the Tool glided across my face, neck, and chest with ease, delivering even deeper hydration as I massaged each region. 

The Fascia Stimulating Tool helps the Collagen Boosting Moisturizer absorb more effectively. 

The Tool feels foolproof, and at no point did my hands get tired while using it, which has happened with other devices that require a super targeted focus and lots of pressure. 

 The Fascia Stimulating Tool | Pause Well-Aging

Glowing skin after using the Tool just 5 minutes a day.

All About Ease and Efficacy

Overall, I found the Fascia Stimulating Tool easy to use and effective. As a beauty writer, I’m always asked by friends, “What’s the best fill-in-the-blank product for fill-in-another-blank skin result?” My response is always this: You have to like using the product for it to be effective. If you don’t find it easy to use, you won’t use it, and if you don’t use it, obviously you won’t achieve your desired result. It’s that simple! I love that the Tool is designed with ease of use and efficacy at its core. If you’re a newcomer to facial tools, that alone makes it a good starting point; if you’re on the other end of the spectrum like me, as in, you’ve tried pretty much everything on the market, the Tool will surprise you with visible results and short (only 5 minutes a day!), uncomplicated daily regimen.

Felicia Walker is the Editor-in-Chief of This That Beauty, a top-rated blog and platform extolling the benefits of achieving and maintaining good skin. Her work has also been featured in Allure, The New York Times and WWD, amongst others. You can follow her on Instagram @thisthatbeauty. 


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