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How Cooling Mists Work

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Pause Well-aging | Cooling Mist

Of the 34+ menopause symptoms out there, most women cite hot flashes as the most bothersome. Many women in their 40s start experiencing an increase in hot flashes, hot flushes or overheating, caused by a variety of physiological and lifestyle factors related to aging and menopause including: the body’s ability to regulate its temperature, hormonal fluctuations, medications or treatments such as hormone therapy, chemotherapy, intense workouts and even anxiety.

Luckily, cooling mists are designed to offer both immediate and long-lasting relief in most of these situations. If you’re not familiar with cooling mist treatments, don't worry! This guide will explain everything you need to know about how these products work. Find the answers you need below!

How Cooling Mists Work

Cooling mists have come a long way since Evian first introduced their facial water spray back in 1962 as a treatment for burn patients. Today there are many different types of cooling mists depending on what you’re looking for. Some are designed to refresh and lightly moisturize the skin, leaving it feeling fresh and glowing.  Others, like the Pause Cooling Body Mistare clinically-proven menopause multi-taskers designed to create an immediate sensation of lowering your body's surface temperature, help you feel instantly calmer, reduce redness and evaporate sweat for up to an hour after application. And, because it’s specifically designed to work with aging skin, the spray also contains the brand's proprietary Pause Complex to help spark the body’s collagen production, helping skin stay lifted, firm, hydrated and toned.

Cooling Your Skin

For the lucky few that haven’t ever experienced a hot flash, author Cheryl Kramer Kaye described it best in a recent New York Magazine article: “My whole head starts to feel hot — my scalp starts to sweat, and my cheeks get pink. My chest is next, and the sweat starts to pool between and under my boobs. Then it comes up the back of my neck, depositing droplets. I’ll sit and shvitz for a few minutes, wipe away my sweat mustache, and we’re done.”

Cooling sprays help provide instant hot flash relief with ingredients like False Daisy Extract whose astringent and anti-inflammatory properties help reduce redness and evaporate sweat from the skin. Ingredients like Menthol or peppermint oil can help heighten the cooling sensation by activating cold receptors in the skin, thereby sending neuronal inputs to the brain to generate a cooling sensation. You can increase the effects of cooling by spraying pulse points on your neck, wrists, and behind your knees, all areas where arteries run close to the surface of the skin.

These sprays are also excellent for cooling down during or after a workout, or staying cool on a hot summer day.

Calming Anxiety

Hot flashes and anxiety seem to be interrelated for a variety of reasons. They often manifest similarly with the overheating sensation combined with rapid heartbeat, dizziness etc. Some studies suggest women who are predisposed to anxiety are more susceptible to hot flashes once they reach perimenopause (not to mention the surprise and anxiety that accompanies being caught off guard by an ill-timed hot flash). 

Ingredients like Holy Basil Leaf Extract, a sacred Ayurvedic herb and known adaptogen, can help reduce stress in a few different ways from helping balance stress hormones like cortisol to reducing inflammation or providing ​​aromatherapeutic benefits that can help ease anxiety.

Clean and Clinically Proven

While there are many cooling mists to choose from, our Pause Cooling Body Mist has been clinically proven to cool you down instantly, and keep you feeling calm and refreshed for up to an hour. Plus, our formula is hormone-free, vegan, non-GMO, sulfate-free, paraben-free, cruelty-free and made in the USA using globally sourced ingredients.  Available in a 2oz spray or chic dual-sided travel spray + rollerball mini and 6 oz refill. Shop our Cooling Mists HERE