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Hot Flash Remedies

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By Pause Well-Aging | March 26, 2021

You can feel it coming. The heat creeping through your body, the beads of sweat forming, and the sense of doom that accompanies it all. If this sounds familiar, then you have likely experienced hot flashes, as many women have. 

While there may not be a cure-all solution, there are hot flash remedies to provide some relief.  Read on to learn all about hot flashes and how to tackle them.

What are Hot Flashes?

Hot flashes are a sudden onset of body heat, flushing, and sweating. These hot flashes often appear very suddenly, while there are a variety of triggers (stress, spicy foods, alcohol) sometimes hot flashes have no discernible cause.

Some may experience an increased heart rate and tingling along with the warm skin, sweating, and red face that are common. Experiencing hot flashes while you sleep is called night sweating and can make it difficult to have a restful sleep.

Hormonal changes or imbalances, such as those that occur during menopause, are the main cause behind hot flashes. 

Hot Flash Remedies: What doesn't work

We all wish there were a cure-all option for hot flashes, but there simply isn't. Still, myths and products persist that claim to do just that. Here are some of the most common myths around menopausal hot flashes:

  • Black cohosh - A cleverly marketed plant that has not demonstrated effectiveness in treating hot flashes or any other menopause symptoms.
  • Apple cider vinegar - Touted as the liquid to cure everything from warts to insulin sensitivity, there is no medical proof to back up apple cider vinegar as a treatment for hot flashes.
  • Soy - Some believe that eating a lot of soy will ease menopause and its symptoms, but there is no evidence to suggest that that is true.
Hot Flash Remedies: What really works
It's not all bad news. There are things out there that can provide menopause hot flash relief, and other pain points related to menopause.

1. Cooling Mists

Thermal spray waters have become popular as a remedy for hot flashes. While these provide temporary relief, they dehydrate your skin and can create more problems.

Pause Cooling Mist, on the other hand, is designed to be used on pulse points and work to lower the body's surface temperature for up to an hour. It works to evaporate sweat and reduces the appearance of redness.

2. Hormone Replacement Therapies (HRT)

This can be the most intimidating remedy for many women, but often very effective. It works to supplement estrogen levels. There are different types of Hormone Replacement Therapies and you should consult your doctor as HRT may not be suitable for everyone.

3. Lifestyle Changes

There are some things that aggravate hot flashes, such as smoking, caffeine, alcohol, and spicy foods. Stress is also a big contributor.

Work to make some healthy lifestyle changes such as maintaining a well-balanced diet and exercising regularly. Try to cut down on certain hot flash triggers and observe how that affects the frequency or intensity of your hot flashes.

Pause Well-Aging Can Help with Hot Flashes

Dealing with hot flashes is uncomfortable and sometimes even debilitating. While there is no cure-all solution, Pause Well-Aging was born out of a hot flash and we're committed to providing science-backed skincare to support you through the three stages of menopause.

If you're fed up with hot flashes, red faces and night sweats head over to our shop and explore some gentle solutions.

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