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Hormonal Acne in Menopause? Help is At Hand

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Older Lady with Menopausal Acne rubbing cream into her skin

By  Rochelle Weitzner  | October 17, 2022


I'm 54 and suffering from acne... again!

How is it that I've reached middle age but have managed to revert to teenage skin afflictions - acne! Why is this? Let's get a bit science-y for a minute.

Sebaceous glands are microscopic glands in the skin that secrete an oily or waxy substance called sebum. Sebum is just a mixture of fats with the purpose of keeping the skin lubricated. These glands are located throughout the body, except on the palms of our hands or soles of our feet. And they are most abundant on the scalp and face.

During perimenopause, we begin to experience tremendous fluctuations in estrogen - mainly a significant decrease in estrogen levels. Estrogen has been shown to inhibit sebum secretion. With estrogen no longer protecting the sebaceous glands and keeping them in check, androgens take over and throw the glands into overdrive, which results in the production of excess sebum leading to blocked pores, excess skin cell buildup, inflammation and ultimately infection (breakouts). 

Our first thought may be to grab the trusty benzoyl peroxide from our teenage years but hang on just a sec!  With our skin barrier now weakened purely from age and living our lives, using super harsh treatments like benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid can lead to a cycle of endless misery.  Yes, these products are awesome for alleviating breakouts, but they areincredibly drying.  Couple this with a weakened skin barrier and you may find yourself fighting breakouts and then immediately dealing with dry, flaky, peeling skin that you then desperately try to hydrate which leads to more breakouts and this vicious cycle continues.

So, what can we do? Thankfully I have some answers! 

Some of this we're just stuck with until our hormone levels settle out and our glands adjust to the new normal.But focusing on your daily cleansing ritual can have a very positive impact.

For cleansing, it's imperative that you cleanse your face twice a day with a gentle, non drying cleanser. Our Pause Well-Aging  Hydrating Cleanser is the perfect product to be used morning and night. 

Once the skin is cleansed, our Detox Serumwill literally change your life if you suffer from hormonal acne. The serum comes in an auto-measuring dispenser bottle. Twist the cap and the right amount of product drawn into the dropper. The Serum is very fluid and looks like water; I recommend dispensing it into your palm to not lose any, and gently patting it all over your face. 

The Serum may be used twice daily, and for best results, it should be used continuously. Skipping a day of use could allow breakouts to reoccur. The key ingredients in this water-like Serum are:

  • Willow Bark Extract - a natural and gentle source of salicylic acid
  • Aloe Leaf Extract - to soothe and calm the skin
  • Broccoli Extract - fights against free radicals and inflammation, while also promoting skin-cell turnover
  • Bromelain and Papain Enzymes - derived from pineapples and papaya, respectively, these work on the surface of the skin to dissolve and remove dead skin cells, thereby helping your complexion maintain clarity

While developed for the hormone fluctuations of menopause, if you have a teen at home who also experiences hormonal shifts and has trouble staying blemish-free, this is a great, gentle alternative to harsh and drying acne products.

With the skin cleansed and Detox Serum applied, apply 2-3 pumps of our  Collagen Boosting Moisturizer, which is very light in texture, to ensure complete hydration throughout the day. Like the Cleanser and the Serum, the Moisturizer may also be used day and night.

You never want to sleep with your makeup on. We've all heard this and thought, "Yeah, yeah." But sometimes you just have to, right? Well, this is a sure way to wake up with a pimple the next day. Our  4-in-1 Micellar Cleansing Treatment is perfect as a makeup remover, toner and double cleanser to make sure that all makeup is fully removed and skin is clean and free from impurities, while not being dried out. Keep the bottle on your bedside table along with some cotton rounds and you can just lay there and remove makeup without having to leave your bed. Rinsing is not necessary with the Micellar Treatment water and your skin will reward you with a clear complexion.

As difficult as it is, avoid picking or squeezing pimples since menopausal skin is more fragile and can scar more easily than younger, collagen-rich skin. I'll admit, this is nearly impossible for me - I can't stand the sight and feel of blemishes on my face. But inevitably, when I can't resist and squeeze that zit, it takes FOREVER for my skin to heal. The Detox Serum may also be used as a spot treatment. 

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