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Celebrity Makeup Artist Matin Shares His Tips For Glowing-Up Menopause-Parched Skin

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Pause Well-Aging | Celebrity Makeup Artist Matin

By Dana Wood | December 24, 2019
His Instagram bio is the first clue Matin Maulawizada isn't just your average, everyday face painter. "Afghan raised feminist, Berkeley-raised Molecular Biologist, NYC raised make up artist turned clean beauty and human rights activist."
A close friend of Pause founder and CEO Rochelle Weitzner, Matin - as he's known professionally - believes firmly in our mission of celebrating menopause as a natural, empowering phase of every woman's life. But he's also a realist who knows that menopause, and aging in general, can present unique skin challenges.
Take dryness, for example. Thanks to a plummet in estrogen, most women going through menopause experience an uptick in skin "crepiness" that can cause powder eyeshadows and blush to settle in fine lines and wrinkles. Ditto for unforgiving matte foundation. 
With all that in mind - and the holidays firmly upon us - we tapped Matin for both his general makeup tips for mid-life women, as well as a few fresh ideas for adding a festive edge to lips and eyes that look sophisticated and chic. Not surprisingly, Matin delivered on both fronts. 
Connect the Dots: In general, what makeup texture do you recommend for women with dry skin? Do you suggest creme formulas for the most part?
Matin: I would suggest a hydrating foundation or a tinted moisturizer. It's important to keep textures to a minimum to show off a glowy, dewy skin. 
CtD: Do you think some type of foundation is a "must" for older women? Or would it actually be better to scale back on foundation because it tends to settle in creases?
Matin: Yes. The lighter the texture one can use, the better the skin looks. Especially in person.
CtD: What are your thoughts on primer? Yes or no? Necessary or not?
Matin: A good primer is necessary to allow for the makeup to wear evenly all over the skin. Sadly, most primers are marketed just as an add-on to total sales and just offer more slip to the touch, but that acutely works against you. I would avoid most velvety silicone textures.
CtD: What kind of eye makeup tips do you usually give your older clients? Is there a way to add definition that doesn't "read" as too much? Maybe a shift from black liner to brown? Or less mascara?
Matin: I love neutral greys. Browns can turn too red. I would like to work with taupes and greys with added liners in navy or deep green. 
CtD: While we're on eyes, what's your opinion of eyelash extensions? Do you agree with the popular notion that they can "shave off five years"? They actually seem destructive to me - I feel like they eventually destroy your real lashes. But maybe I'm wrong about that?
Matin: I loathe extensions. I'd rather use a clean-formula lash booster, and, if needed, false lashes.
CtD: Brow grooming is essential, yes? But there are so many brow products now! What do you think is a good "low key" strategy for adding just the right amount of definition?
Matin: Brows thin-out with age and I love a good brow pomade in case you need a longer lasting color due to hot flashes. Otherwise a pencil works beautifully. I often use a sketch pencil which provides the perfect neutral grey and works for every hair color. And no, it is called soft lead but it doesn't have actual lead metal in it. 
CtD: The holidays are here. Besides the obvious - a red lip - what do you feel is a good way to look "festive" without going overboard?
Matin: I love a sheer bright coral or pink on the lips. Sheer-out your lip color by dabbing it on the lips on top of your lip oil or lip balm - petroleum-free lip balms please - or just buy sheer bright lip colors that aren't intimidating. 
CtD: We're about positivity at Pause, so I don't like to use the word "mistake." But are there any makeup "choices" older women make that you feel work against them? Anything you see your older clients doing that you think might not be ultra-flattering?
Matin: It depends on the texture of your skin. The one thing to watch out for is shimmery powder and heavy powders. They emphasize the lines. 
CtD: This is all super-helpful intel, Matin. Thank you. I'm sure a lot of us are heading out right now to buy a sheer bright lipstick for New Year's Eve!