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A Pause to Celebrate Our Success

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Pause Well-Aging | A Pause to Celebrate Our Success

By Pause Well-Aging | February 14, 2020

Fifty looks good. Jennifer Lopez showed the world what 50 can look like during this year’s Super Bowl LIV halftime show — and we all want more of it. Pause Well-Aging seems perfectly placed, not only amongst the media landscape, but amongst the power, fight, beauty, grace, and grit that women are now showing from their 20s through their 50s and beyond. It’s a great moment for us to reflect on this past year, and to see how the timing of our press led up to goddesses J. Lo and Shakira stealing the Super Bowl at 50 and 43 years-old, respectively. 

1. NBC's TODAY Show

Any day that you’re highlighted on the TODAY Show is a good one. Pause Well-Aging received four shout-outs on TODAY’s all-star beauty recap for those in their “prime time (women 45+).” TODAY says our Collagen Boosting Moisturizer “firms, lifts and brightens aging skin by increasing skin density and elasticity” and that ourCooling Mist “instantly calms your skin to help control the symptoms of hot flashes.” TODAY also loves our Hydrating Cleanser and 4-in-1 Micellar Cleansing Treatment.

2. The Business of Fashion

When Rochelle Weitzner began courting investors for her menopause-centric beauty brand two years ago, Pause Well-Aging, she was repeatedly faced with a sea of dumbfounded older men.

“I have no idea what the fuck you just said to me, but I’ll go home and ask my wife,” she recalls one of them telling her. “Trying to convince these men that it was a sexy investment opportunity was not easy.”

Pause Well-Aging’s first three products include a fascia-stimulating tool (said to boost blood flow and minimize sagging), a “rescue mist” meant to cool skin and evaporate sweat during hot flashes and a moisturizer to boost collagen.

Pause products are in-step with other beauty trends — they’re vegan and gluten-free, avoid chemicals like parabens and phthalates and not tested on animals. But the brand is avoiding the anti-aging label.

“We will never ever talk about anti-aging,” Weitzner said. “I think it’s a phrase that needs to disappear from everyone’s vocabulary so that women can embrace aging on their own terms.”

“This is a crazy time, and I don’t want to minimize that, but it’s also not the end of your life!” she said. “The new face of menopause is not your grandmother. I turned 50, started a company and took up boxing. My life is not over!” —The Business of Fashion

3. Forbes

All the major skin care brands sell to women of menopausal age. But none of those brands have ever explicitly and openly targeted women as menopausal, it’s always been unmentionable. That’s what Pause Well-Aging is doing and they are getting real traction. —Forbes

4. The New York Times

Pause Well-Aging, a collection introduced on [June 3, 2019], is also aimed at the [menopausal women] demographic. The line consists of three skin-care products, including a $39 mist spray to reduce hot flashes. —The New York Times

5. Allure Magazine


The End of Anti-Aging featuring Pause Well-Aging.

6. US Weekly

Hot Girl Summer featuring Pause Well-Aging.

7. Modern Luxury: Hamptons

Haute Flash” featuring Pause Well-Aging.

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