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6 Menopausal Women Walk Into a Bar...

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Pause Well Aging Hero Image 6 Menopausal Women Walk Into A Bar

By Pause Well-Aging | July 17, 2019

On a June night shortly after the launch of Pause, a group of editors, influencers and friends converged at the legendary comedy venue Caroline’s on Broadway in New York City for an event that was one-part brand experience, all parts hilarious. Pause for Laughs was a collective “hell no” to tip-toeing around menopause created because, as founder Rochelle Weitzner notes, “As far as menopause goes, it’s still a total taboo subject. That’s what we’re here to break.” 

And with perimenopause lasting up to 10 years, that’s a long time to keep quiet in the name of patriarchal societal norms – something most of us just aren’t okay with in 2019. Continues Rochelle, “Tonight is an opportunity to laugh at those experiences and hopefully help millions of women that no one is speaking to.”

Here, take in the best of the night, from middle-aged sex, “sweetheart to bitch” mood swings and the torture of low-estrogen fueled insomnia. 

Produced by Caroline’s owner Caroline Hirsch herself,Pause for Laughs was an opportunity to bring levity – and candor– to menopausal moments that have more often inspired tears thanchuckles: Arm flab, brain fog… a really dry vagina. But the six comics hand-picked by Caroline made it possible, as we say here, to Pause, learn, and laugh. 

Pause Skincare Caroline's on Broadway

From left to right: Comedian Tammy Pescatelli, host Judy Gold, Pause founder Rochelle Weitzner, comedians Michele Balan, Maureen Langan, Rolonda Watts and Taffy Jaffe.


Special thanks to Caroline Hirsch. 


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