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5 Unexpected Ways The Cooling Mist Can Help Anyone Find Their Chill 

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Pause Well Aging Hero Image Hot Flash Cooling Mist

By Pause Well-Aging | August 1, 2019

As the name of the product implies, the Cooling Mist does exactly that: Cool a hot flash. But if it’s strong enough to battle those burning, roiling inner infernos sparked by menopause, it can also bring relief to other sweaty situations not caused by menopause. (Record-breaking heatwaves, anyone?) Keep reading below for some unexpected ways the Hot Flash Cooling Mist can help you find your chill. 

Pause Well-Aging | Cooling Mist

Not Just For Hot Flashes


1. Post Gym Cool Down

When there isn’t time for a proper shower after a workout, the Hot Flash Cooling Mist can swoop in for the save. Spritz your back, chest, and scalp – which tend to emit the most perspiration during exercise – to evaporate any lingering sweat. The light scent is pretty refreshing, too. 

2. It’s a Really “Cool” Beauty Mist 

If you’re already a fan of skincare mists, then our Hot Flash Cooling Mist is an essential addition, if not an outright swap, for the summer months. It’s infused with the Pause Complex, a proprietary blend of peptides, antioxidants, and vitamins that are ready to tighten and brighten your skin, so you’re actually improving your complexion and getting that  A/C-cool feeling. Now… can your regular mist do that? Just asking.

3. Night Sweats 

Night sweats aren’t just for the menopausal. Other hormonal issues, medication side-effects or just sleeping in a non-climate controlled environment can cause you to wake up drenched in sweat, heated up to the point you think you’ll never sleep again. Our tip: Keep a carafe of water and the Hot Flash Cooling Mist on your bedside table. Rehydrating yourself is obviously important after so much water loss, and the cooling sensation of the Mist can bring you back to - well, if not full-on sleep, at least a comfortable-feeling body temperature. 

4. Summer Heat Waves 

A 100-degree day alone can leave you with all the hot flash feels: Mental sluggishness, irritability and that swampy, sweaty feeling that won’t go away. Yep, this is where the Mist comes in for the save again. Try a generous spray all over your back and chest before even leaving the house - it’ll buy yourself some more time before melting.  

5. Anyone Can Be Cool 

So we’ve talked about a few ways the Mist can help with the obvious - all that flashing we go through. But heat doesn’t discriminate, and neither does this product. If you’re human, you’re going to be hot and maybe even grossly sweaty at some point. And because our products don’t contain hormones, they’re perfectly safe to share with all the non-menopausal people in your life – young, old, men or not. Spread the chill, it’s only the right thing to do.

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