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5 Ways To Squeeze-In More "Vacation" This Summer - Without Leaving Your Home

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Pause Well-Aging | 5 Ways to Squeeze

By Kate Silver | August 3, 2020
After a doozy of a spring and early summer, we're all due for some extra R&R. While many of us may not be traveling, that doesn't mean we can't plan our own little escapes. For inspiration, here are some ideas on how to get away from it all, without leaving the comforts of your own home.
1. Plan a date night to a romantic, faraway place (virtually speaking)
Technology makes it easy to visit some of the world's most magical spaces. Wineries across the country are offering virtual tastings, which allow you to raise a glass along with the winemaker while gazing at rolling vineyards. Chefs around the world are offering virtual cooking classes, which teach you to prepare tastes of Italy, Spain, India, Japan and beyond. And virtual tours cater to every interest imaginable, from haunted histories to walking street tours. Get started online by searching "virtual wine tasting" or "chef-taught cooking classes" and plan your fun night in.
2. Go camping
Fresh air, s'mores, fireside wine - camping can be good for the soul, whether you're the outdoorsy type or a comfort queen. If you've got the gear, reserve a spot at a nearby campground or just pop the tent in your own backyard. If you're less inclined to leave air-conditioning, plan an indoor "camping" adventure and enjoy some barbecue, beverages and star-gazing outside, before retiring to an indoor pillow fort in the living room, with easy access to the comfort of modern plumbing.
3. Commit to a digital detox
Some days, that phone feels like an extra appendage. For many of us, scrolling through the news and social media is more akin to a reflex than a conscious choice. Choose a weekend and say yes to powering down. Fill your time with analogue activities like reading, cooking, taking long walks and catching up with loved ones at home. It may be just the escape you need.
4. Attend a virtual show
Though most concerts, comedy shows and stage productions have been cancelled in real life, many entertainers are still finding ways to connect with fans through live-streaming. If you're not already doing so, follow your favorite performers on social media and see what they've been up to. It's a great way to show your support for the artists you love.
5. Plan a DIY spa day
With social distancing measures, odds are it's been a while since your last massage or facial. And with stress running rampant these last couple of months, it's save to say we're all overdue. Plan a spa day at home and let all that anxiety melt away. Light a candle, sink into the tub, take a deep breath and lose yourself in your favorite magazine or book. Then, gather your favorite skincare products and slather away. Tip: our Fascia Stimulating Tool works wonders to massage out neck, shoulder and forearm kinks, while helping products better sink into your skin. Chances are you'll treating yourself so much you'll make a "spa day" a regular ritual.
Of course, the greatest gift you can give yourself is kindness, compassion and care. Make it a goal to to work out regularly, eat well-balanced meals, get enough sleep, moderate your alcohol consumption and stay socially connected, even if it's virtual. That way, you can feel your best and continue working toward all your goals, no matter what curveball the world throws at us next. 
Kate Silver is a Gen X writer living in Chicago. Her work regularly appears in Washington Post, Chicago Tribune and on her own website, www.thekatesilver.com.